Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Beauty, The Favor & The Emotions

                                                          (Photo by Ashley)

I have been in Sandakan, for a month now, it’s almost hard to believe; where does the time go?  My journey here has been speechless.  I’m speechless in what I see, in what I taste and in how I feel.  I think to myself, how will I be able to capture the beauty of the rainforest in the eyes of my family and friends back home?  How will I be able to describe the taste of roti chutney? How will I be able to explain the emotions I feel each day, as each day my emotion seem to change.  During this first month, there has been time of beauty, of favor, of laughter and of tears.  I have adapted to the temperature, I have grown to love the food.  I have started to learn about new cultures and have experienced new traditions.  I have seen the beauty of nature, and have formed new friendships within my community.  I’m learning to accept that not every day will be perfect and some days the rain brings a bigger smile to your face than the sun.  I’m learning that some days all that was needed from me was to just listen.  I’m learning that you can’t be strong all the time and not to feel ashamed to admit that you are weak.  As this journey continues, I look forward to be filled with more beauty, more favor, and more emotions. 

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