Sunday, March 4, 2012

Just Another Adventure in Sandakan...

So funny story...I have a friend of a friend who does freelance photography.  He was looking to add underwater photography to his portfolio.   Many people in Malaysia do not know how to swim. The challenge that he has came across is trying to find volunteers that do not have a 'fear of water'.   So I guess you can say, I was in the right place at the right time.  At first I was apprehensive of the idea as I am not a model but...I love the water and thought...'why not' it's just helping a friend.  There was a total of six of us that were up for the challenge, some who were not that comfortable in the water, but I was very proud to see them try because of their genuine spirit.  This was all strictly volunteer for all of us and we ended up spending about five hours at the pool.  I will say, you might be an excellent swimmer, but trying to pose in the water with fabric entangled around you, is not an easy task!  I managed to get a copy of one of the photos before it goes into the editing process.  Despite the water headache, from swallowing too much water, all in all, we enjoyed trying something new and it was a great experience!

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