Thursday, July 5, 2012

'WalkWheelAthon' with Sabah Cheshire Home

My final event here at Sabah Cheshire Home, Sandakan is called the “WalkWheelAthon”.  This event is to help raise funds for the ‘Home’ and create awareness to the Sandakan community about people with disabilities, especially those who use wheelchairs. 

The event takes place on the 15th of July at the local Sports Complex.  We plan to have people team off into groups of 10 persons and each group will have one wheelchair.  There will be several different exchange stops, so that each person within the group has a chance to utilize the wheelchair.  The distance from the start to the finish is about 700 meters.  We decided to not make this a competition, but something fun and educational. 

I look forward to yet another great event, benefiting a great cause!

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