Sunday, July 10, 2011

Preparation to Malaysia

As I mentally and physically prepare for my departure to Malaysia. There are several emotions that go through my head. I am excited…excited to see my new home, to meet new people, to learn about the culture. I am nervous…nervous of illness, getting lost within the language. I am scared…scared of the “letting go”. Leaving my family, friends and my career. However, no matter what emotion I am going through, it is the support I have received that have helped me prepare for this new journey.

I received an email from an Oklahoma State student who is from Sabah. He has family all around the state and he told me if I ever needed any help in Sabah that I could reach out to his family. I also have a co-worker from Kuala Lumpur. I have been working with him and learning about the culture, the food, and studying the language.

Since I have shared my new adventure with others, it has made me feel very blessed with the support I have received – not just from family and friends, but from people I have never met.

Throughout the last month, I have packed up my apartment of three years. Put a lot of things in storage and said “good-bye” to my closest friends. Instead of looking at this as a sad time, I look at this as a new adventure that will teach me more about my beliefs and myself than I can imagine.

The passion in my heart has always been to help others. I know next year, is going to be a challenge - but I look at next year as chance to learn a new language, to adapt to a new culture, to experience new things and to build relationships.

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