Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Launch of "The Treasure Shop"

I wanted to just take a few minutes and share with you all a small project that brought my community together.  During the last 4 months my community, staff and myself have been working on creating a second-hand shop for 'Sabah Cheshire Home, Sandakan'.  The shop was presented to the committee back in 2008 and when I was first introduced to the project it looked like a storage room. Today (April 15th, 2012), we had our grand opening, and I will admit it brought tears of joys to my eyes to finally see it all come together and the support of my community!  Many people in my community spent many hours (free) to do volunteer labor and donate funds and/or items.  The preparation has been hard work and developing your own business is not as easy as it might seem.  This project was an experience I will never forget.  Below is the website that I created for the shop!

The Missions Of The Shop:
-To provide employment opportunity for persons with disabilities.

-To provide equal opportunity for persons with disabilities in
gaining independent living.

-To create awareness on disability issues.

-To generate income for the 'Home'.

*pictures of the event will come later

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