Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Color of FIRE

As I start to adapt more and more here in Malaysia, I decided it was time to give my hair a good treatment.  Many guys might not understand, but for a girl sometimes it is nice to have a 'spa day'.  Plus it has been about a year since my hair was cut and I feel lately that I'm losing about a handful of hair a week here.

I brought my co-worker along, just to make sure there was no miss-communication.  So after discussing how damaged my hair was and the exact colors I would like, the preparation started.  I thought it would be nice to go back to my original color, a light brown with a few golden highlights, especially since my mom and aunt were planning on visiting next month.  I was told I needed a trim, which ended up being a chop, but I couldn't argue as my hair was pretty damaged.  

It is a known fact that our hair is a little different than Asian hair.  Besides the color, we tend to have softer and thinner hair...though mine is extra thin, but no complaints as I can keep my hair up all day with just one bobby-pin!  So needless to say the color process didn't really turn out as what we ALL expected.

After 5 long hours in the salon chair, 4 washes and 3 colors....the best description I can come up with is FIRE.  Yes, my hair is like the color of fire...a little red, a little purple, a little yellow and a little orange.  Which is kind of ironic considering I just recently finished the book 'The Hunger Games'.  I would like to think that it brings me the power to climb trees and shoot arrows, but that would just be the chemicals talking.

So I spent the afternoon thinking about either crying, finding a wig or hiding (yes...boys, maybe not all but to most of us girls, hair can be that important).  I knew that crying wasn't going to change anything and hiding was for the weak.  So I have been trying to embrace the new look, though it hasn't been easy.  But at least now I can look in the mirror and shake my head and just laugh!

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